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IOC Essay Example

IOC Essay The extract presented to me today is from the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, published in the year 1970. It is a fiction in which the story is told in the first persons point of view. To be brief, the story is written by Duncan Ramey as a letter on his retirement from teaching at Collarbone College, addressed to the school Headmaster. This extract features Padre Blazon discussing miracles in which he uses repetition to emphasize its strong meaning and effect, his childhood in which the reference of Jungian analysis is made and finally the comparison between Duncan, Boy and Blazon concerning his chastity and the love of his vocation. Initially, the writer uses most often reported speech where he summarizes the characters actions and thoughts, but in this particular text he uses direct speech a form of English to connect with the reader or in this case Duncan Ramey himself. At first the tone of the text is compassionate and filled with lessons to learn reminding the reader of a speech from someone wise. However, later the reader comes away with a sense of desperate needs from Padre as he claims Behold me, Ramey, a virgin at the age of seventy-six! P. 167). Furthermore, the text is direct as it refers to what miracles really are within the example of Padre Blazons childhood and many others. Lines like Look at me, Ramey. I am something of a miracle myself. (p. 1 66) can engage the reader and captivate their interest in knowing more about how Padre was a miracle himself. The simple sentences in this extract are a common structural device used to create a d ramatic effect such as tension. It also might suggest fear and fast-paced action or thoughts for example I quote Miracles are things people cannot explain. P. 1 66), here we see the intensity brought into one sentence to put in mind the readers attention. Secondly, this extract takes place when Duncan meets Padre Blazon and they have a deep discussion in which he shares his theory about Mary Dumpster and that leads to the subject of miracles. Blazon says Oh, miracles! They happen everywhere. They are conditional. (p. 1 66), through this quote we can state that Padre Blazon is a wise old man who is a confidant of Dunn, his knowledge and experience makes him one of the wisest characters in the novel. We will write a custom essay sample on IOC specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on IOC specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on IOC specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Although he lives with his own personal doubts, but through those doubts, he emits wisdom beyond belief. In this dialogue Padre Blazon targets Duncan with the purpose of defining miracles to him in different ways. The repetition Of miracle was really concentrated in the first paragraph to push the readers point of view as well as Duncan because in this case Padre was having a conversation with him. For instance when Blazon says Your artificial leg would have been a miracle in the Middle Ages-? probably a Devils miracle. (p. 66), we see how Padre as illustrating it to him. Duncan viewed his artificial leg as something he had to live with. In fact, its something he wouldnt think of as a miracle. More importantly the writer chose the word Devil to highlight how genius of a miracle it would have been in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless Fifth Business is based on Jungian psychology and throughout the novel there is many meanings and connections made with archetypes. In this case, it is Padr e Blazon, he is the wise old man who tells Dunn there are two types of truth: psychological and objective. He also tells Dunn that if he thinks Mary is a saint, then she is to him and that he should discover what role she plays in his personal mythology. To get back to the point, in this extract Padre discusses miracles in which Mary Dumpster plays a huge role because Dunn sees her as a fool-saint. A woman who brought his brother Willie back to life, transformed a tramp and finally appeared on the battlefield as the Virgin Mary in before Dunn lost consciousness. On the other hand, Blazon recalls that he is born with a past, which refers to the Jungian analysis once again. The second paragraph of this extract highlights his childhood and how he came to this world with a past constructed by his poor mother. Padre specifically says So she vowed solemnly, in church, that if she might bear a son, she would give him to the service of God. , being that, after having seven daughters and finally a son, his mother knew he was a miracle. As a result, he was and I quote studious, obedient, intelligent and chaste. (P. 167). Padre Blazon is a character that serves the purpose of helping Duncan better define himself. He comes to him as an older, trusted advisor. Blazon shows the reader how Duncan, even while doing good, has obsessive tendencies and he certainly helps him develop the idea of sainthood and the nature of the self, which is an occurring theme throughout the novel. In this extract we can see that Padres story about his childhood and his emphasis on miracles really comes back to Mary Dumpster and sainthood. Blazon is a man who has great experience and knowledge to give, which is why Duncan trusts him and listens to what he has to offer. Padre mentions and I tote I am going to Vienna now to work on the Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts in what used to be the Emperors Library. Hall be drowned in miracles, for those simple Greek monks liked nothing better and saw them everywhere. (p. 1 66), again we can see that he has the chance to work on Manuscripts in Vienna, something not anybody could do. Padre earns so many opportunities to learn more and master his knowledge, thus making him a wise old man. Regarding his chastity, Padre describ es his sexuality directly to the reader as mentioned before, but he also opens a parallel in which he says But always loud say, God did not give us this jewel of chastity to be trampled in the dirt pray for an honorable and loving marriage, and put me from your mind. (p. 167). This quote conveys the message of chastity, which was his weapon against those girls who wanted to seduce him. We can also make the comparison with Boy, Duncan and Padre. First, Boy breaks the message of this quote because he is someone that has the power and everything in his hands, he got every and any girl he wanted, yet he was married specifically putting his chastity in the dirt. Much less, Duncan has his morals and values, UT still managed to lose his virginity and get something out of it, experience wise versus Padre who kept his virginity. To conclude, this extract reveals many things about the characters, symbolism and the Jungian analysis. As I previously stated Padre Blazon is a wise old man with many experiences to learn and hear from, his wisdom nourishes Duncan in the two times they meet throughout the novel. This one in particular opens Duennas mind about miracles concerning Mary Dumpster and from this, he will continue his journey with the study of Histology.

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